Harper Driving School Enrollment Procedure

  1. Complete Learner’s Permit Application* (aka Green Card) very carefully.
  2. Complete Harper Driving School Contract
  3. Submit ALL required documentation (see below).
  4. Bring the student and all completed documents into our office.
    • At this visit, we will inspect all documents, administer the eye test, and schedule the lessons (assuming student passes the eye test).

    • Harper Driving School will purchase the student’s permit (if all documents are in order and student has a blue card**).

    • NOTE - if student DOES NOT have a blue card,** he/she will need to take the written test at this visit. The student must come in at least 45 minutes prior to the closing of our office to complete the written test.

    If you cannot come into the office due to distance or time constraints, please contact our office and we will make arrangements.

Required Documentation

We will hold on to these documents until the six hours have been completed.

Green Card: Carefully fill out the entire green card. (Eye Color must be written out). Parent/Guardian and student must sign in the correct spaces. Answer the questions on the back. Do not use any whiteout!.

Blue Card: The blue card is proof that the student passed the State of NJ Basic Driver Examination in Driver’s Ed. If you do not have this card, it is because: 1) the student failed 2) the student did not take the test 3) the student lost it. If it is lost, you must get a duplicate from the H.S. Driver Education teacher.

Birth Certificate: Harper Driving School must get the student permit from the DMV. In order to do this, we MUST present the original birth certificate. It will NOT be lost! Foreign students can qualify for New Jersey Learner’s Permits under certain conditions (call our office).

Social Security Card: In order to validate the student permit, we must have the original social security card (no copies). It will NOT be lost! If you would prefer the student bring the social security card on his/her second lesson (which is when the permit is validated at the DMV), that is fine.

Contract & Payment: The Harper Driving School Contract is critical; the student and parent(s) must sign it. You may pay for service by check, money order, cash, or credit card (Master Card, Visa, or Discover). Please note, it your check bounces, we will collect the fee the bank charges Harper Driving School. **$10.00**: The current fee to obtain a learner’s permit is $10.00. This in addition to your contract fee.

*Learner’s Permit Application (Green Card) – New Jersey’s DMV does now allow this document to be downloaded. You can come in to complete it, or we can mail it to you. The cost to replace a permit (aka duplicate permit) is $33.00.

**Blue Card- Students who have passed the written exam will have a blue card stating as such.

Eye Test - If your child fails the eye test, you will be given a letter that your optometrist must complete. That letter must be returned to us before lessons can be scheduled.

NO Blue Card- Students who have not taken and passed the written test will need to do so. Students must be 16 years old in order to take their test at our office. If your child fails the written test, he/she may return for a retest (at no charge) one week later. If the student is 17 or older, he/she must go to the DMV to purchase the permit and take the written test.